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The affiliate sites we have tested here are the best cigarette affiliate sites available today. Unlike most other affiliate programs, not just cigarette affiliate programs, but any affiliate programs, all of these sites offer the unique tracking of customers by IP address and E-Mail. This means that once a customer visits these sites from your link, not only do they get the standard 60 day tracking cookie, but their IP address is automatically linked to your affiliate account, meaning as long as they use the same computer again, regardless of the length of time, they will still be tracked under your affiliate account. Although IP address tracking is good, e-mail tracking is amazing, once a customer creates an account through your link, they are your customers for LIFE! Regardless of how they place orders with us, once their e-mail account is linked to your account, you will receive commission on these orders. The top three sites are listed below, please read their description, and choose which option you think is best. offers top quality European and Eastern European made cigarettes that are the same cigarettes that regular online cigarette buyers would buy in their local store. Cigarettes are manufactured by the original manufacturers and are the best quality cigarettes available on the internet today making them a lot more sellable than most cigarettes available online today. All orders placed on Cheap-cig are shipped through USPS as registered packages, and receive a tracking numbers once they are shipped. Customers will be able to track their parcels. Cheap-cig offers over 60 brands of cigarettes, and over 600 varieties of cigarettes, ensuring that any European made cigarette is available on the site, allowing you freedom to advertise many different brands. Very high return of customers, as their customer service is excellent. This high return rate combined with low prices of cigarettes makes this site an absolute gem to promote, so you can expect a good ROI on all of your customers..

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European and Eastern European cigarettes at competitive prices. They offer free and insured shipping, making it attractive to all smokers looking for cheap cigarettes online. Simple site layout, to avoid any customer confusion, ensuring that no customers are lost to poor site browsing. Paylessmoke, like most cigarette websites has a loyal following, with great customer return, ensuring great earnings value per customer. Cigarette prices starting from $25.99, this site can be easily marketed. This is probably the best, and easiest to market cigarette affiliate program available on the internet today. Great commission level, without giving you difficult prices to market, like many of the other cigarette websites. Although you will be able to market it easily, and will have great return customers, they only offer 2%, and therefore will require work with low returns on your behalf.

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Top quality European and Eastern European made cheap cigarettes at highly competitive prices, making the site attractive to most smokers. The one advantage they do hold, is that they offer free and insured shipping to those smokers who want it. This ensures that you will get the customers who have the money spend on the shipping. Like many of the sites in the online cigarette industry, experiences a good return of customers, due to the fact that there is good customer support. All of these little things make this site easy for you to market. Great bulk deals, with 6 cartons of customer's favorite brands. The shipping time on 123Smoke is relatively fast, meaning that you have a faster turnaround on customer orders, meaning you can receive multiple commissions for customers in a single month. Great prices and shipping options available, 123Smoke should be a dream to promote, and will be a winner when it comes to ROI on all of your customers.

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